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Beyond to be a Pillow

You have discerning taste. Perhaps you are a forward-thinking designer or a weekend warrior with an eye for color, pattern, texture, and shine. Or maybe you want to spruce up your room with a few touches that will change the look of the whole place. No matter who you are or what your tastes, upholstery pillows and padding are some of the fastest ways to put your personal spin on home or office decor.


Cushions are something we use every day but rarely think about - until they're uncomfortable, ripped, worn, or outdated. Other upholstery shops can recover your furniture, Your furniture is unique, just like you. Whether you need stadium seat cushions for your chairs or an odd shape padded seat for your banquette, you are never limited to stock shapes and sizes. Since we custom-make every piece, we can tailor your cushions to fit your furniture exactly. Simply bring us your measurements or arrange for in-home measurements to be taken.