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Upholstery Calabasas

Repair & Personalize your sofa, seating, and headboard styles with an amazing array of custom options available in our Shop

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Are you having some couch that is not looking good enough anymore? Don’t throw it out!! You might be able to save some money by getting it recovered and upgraded. You can even change the type, pattern or color of the upholstery when you will be doing this. So afterwards it will look like you got a brand new couch, with a minimal spending’s.

Furniture Slipcover

"Fitted Furniture Slipcovers just work" Our custom slipcovers involve the process of making a unique cover for ANY furniture you choose. These slipcovers are fitted and have the presence of an upholstery feeling, without the upholstery cost. They are very efficient covers that can be made in the - loose shabby, chic feeling or an incredibly fitted feeling, where you can’t even tell it’s a cover! Use this cover to make a new and better looking of your furniture.

Upholstered headboards

Manilla Upholstery specializes in Custom Headboards of ANY size. We have created upholstered beds and headboards from scratch for some of the top designers in Los Angeles. We are always welcome to new and unique design challenges, so feel free to order the craziest designs!

Antique Restoration

We specialize to do antique restoration in furniture refinishing, repair, and restoration, which includes: Termite treatment for furniture and gold leaf, French polish, hardware restoration and reproduction, marquetry reproduction, and others.

Walls and theater rooms Upholstery

Upholstered walls are a unique alternative to traditional wall coverings. You can create a soft, luxurious feeling in your room that cannot be replaced with any other tool. So, whether you’re looking for something classic, modern, casual, or fashion forward, we’ve got you covered with more than a thousand fabrics in patterns, colors, and textures galore.  There is something for everyone!

Custom Pillows and Cushions

Custom decorative pillows can be made in any size and in any way that you can imagine. We manufacture Throw Pillows, Pillow Shams, Bolsters and any other custom pillow you design. We also provide all the fillers in order to complete your made-to-order pillow. During the time that we are operating, the most popular fillers are feather and down, Dacron filling, Faux down, and polyester fill.

Custom made upholstery

From a single chair upholstery to a theater full of furniture, We offer custom made upholstery. Offering customers an easy way to bring their design vision to life have been a part of the Manilla mission since day one. Our customers have told the best things about this service and we are happy to allow this to everyone. So order now, and if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us